Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dating my roommate!

We live here. no big deal
the lunch we shared. romantic.
Showing off her full tummy.
On Monday I slept in, finally woke up, felt like crap for something stupid that happened the night before and then talked to Angelique all morning. (she doesn't really work either, at this point I'm not sure who is worse about not going into work) Ang begged me to go with her to pick up her boyfriend from the airport, and I drive so that she didn't have to be stuck with him all day. I finally agreed, threw jeans on and brushed my teeth. Lovely. No makeup, no hair do, no bra.

We went downtown, realized we had some time to kill, grabbed lunch and went down to harbor island to eat. We both agreed that if we were on a date with a guy it would have been a total success. Everything was perfect! Gorgeous weather, yummy food, parking, no people, beautiful view, and lots of laughs. When Mike called we jumped in the car and drove across the street to get him and drive him home. When WE got home I showered and got into my bathing suit. We walked down to the beach and brought our scriptures, and an extra Book of Mormon to give away. (Don't worry that we've been handing Books of Mormon out like candy, and having lots of recent missionary moments together.) Go team! We read scriptures and laid out. We invited a guy to read scriptures with us and then gave him that Book of Mormon. Turns out it was his birthday and he had taken the day off work and was just hanging out until his buddies got off work.
I love that I have such great roommates and that I get along with all of them especially Angelique, it'd be terrible to share a room with someone you can't get along with. We've decided that it would be so much fun to start going out with each other instead of random guys (or in her case, her boyfriend). I'm not sure how serious she is about it but I am totally in love with the idea! Think about it. We could go or do anything we wanted, spoil ourselves, get completely dolled up or be a total bum and it wouldn't matter. We could unbutton our jeans after we ate, talk about other guys or our ex-boyfriends and neither one of us would get jealous. We don't have to feel pressure about kissing after the date, we can go home together and there isn't any awkward or regretful feelings the next day. Brilliant!

Cutest roommates you've ever seen!



ummmm you two are SO stinkin cute! I love you both soooo can I move in?? ;)

May 5, 2010 at 10:38 PM  

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