Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy Weekend

My brother Conrade, his fiance Steva and their sweet little baby boy came to San Diego for a short visit on their way up North. They moved into a house in Sacramento over the weekend. Cadrian stayed with my mom and she drove him up to them yesterday I think. Cade looks just like my brother, minus the small eyes, he's got steva's eyes. My brother makes some dang cute babies though!

Evan's birthday was on Friday. I surprised him by going to his school and taking him out early, and then went out for frozen yogurt. We had a family birthday dinner and celebration for him that evening.

I got home super late from my mom's house Friday night. Saturday morning I went on an ALL day date, which I'm not blogging about. 11:00am - 3:00am. I did get new boots out of it though. Brand new cowboy boots, the real kind and a hat too!

Sunday I woke up early to write my talk that I was giving in sacrament meeting. I had a major anxiety attack right before it was time to go to church. The whole thing was pretty commical. My roommate had to drive me because I couldn't even drive! It was terrible. I made it through my talk. Barely. Pretty sure it was terrible and worst talk ever givin in church! I'm just glad its over. Probably next time I'm asked to speak I'll write it before the morning of and not stay out until 3am the night before! Sheesh.


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