Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lone Ranger

This sign hangs above my bed. (I love love) Last week my roommates Fiona and Angelique, Mike (Angelique's guy) and me were all in the bedroom talking. In the middle of our conversation Fiona blurts out "OH! It says love!" Angelique and I looked at each other and started laughing a little bit, then Fiona says "Chica I always thought your sign said lone! That is why I always try to be extra nice to you because I thought you were so lonely!" I probably just about died of laughter!! After Angelique and I were able to get a grip and stop laughing so loud and so hard Fiona says "Chica you're just so full of love, I don't feel bad for you anymore".

This story still makes me laugh!! Probably the funniest thing is that she really was always extra nice to me and would always try to talk to me about guys and wanted to know if I was interested in anyone!

I thought of this incident today when I got back to my desk and listened to a voicemail that was on my work phone. There wasn't anyone talking, it was just a song. It was an oldies song that sounded familiar, it was about a lonely man! As I'm sitting at my desk listening to this ridiculous song on my voicemail I burst out in laughter and my boss walks by so I asked her if she left me a voicemail. I had her listen to it and she just started laughing. It's still a mystery as to who left the message. It was probably someone who called and then had to put me on hold but I wasn't at my desk so it went to voicemail and that song just happened to be playing on their end. Whatever it is and whoever did it, it's hilarious! (I work with a bunch of clowns and practical jokes occur on a daily basis so who knows)

Thanks for the concern everyone but like I said before, I'm enjoying my alone time. I know it seems strange that I don't have many dating stories to share, or even one guy to talk to you about right now but it's fine I promise. I may be a lil lone ranger at the moment but that will change in no time so no need to worry.
PS please please please stop asking me! I'll let you know when I'm in a relationship again...mmmm k thanks. Stay tuned.


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