Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dirty lil Secret

I'm coming clean.
Out of the closet.
This may shock some of you, but others have already caught on.


It's actually becoming quite a problem.
The real problem might be that I don't want to give it up!
Chocolate is always there for me through the happy and sad times.
It's a drug, a really great one! Chocolate can make anything better!
I'm in love with CHOCOLATE!
This is terrible for a couple of reasons.

1. addictions period are no good and can lead to other problems. (right?)
2. It's not helping me get my beach body back!!!!!!!!

So, uh I'm going to go grab a Snickers and think about what to do about this little chocolate obsession of mine.


Blogger n i c o l e said...

Ugh I would be screweddddd if chocolate, or Diet Coke could get me pregnant. I'd be the Octo-mom but even moreeee of a skanky hot mess...but with better hair, because hello, that hair ain't right. Ang and I are already planning the sleepover for when I get back...we're having a chocolate night, so just get ready. Your beach body will be fine for one night :) If I gotta wait for marriage, I'm gonna be fat and happy till then hahahaha. I love youuuuuu!!!!!!!!!

March 23, 2010 at 11:45 PM  

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