Monday, January 25, 2010

Having an Impact on others

Sunday was a great day! Sacrament meeting was probably the best its ever been in that ward. I sat out of Sunday school because I was chatting and trying to get help for the activity I'm planning for the ward this week. As I was sitting in the cultural hall a girl in jeans carrying a baby in his car seat walked up to the church doors. I looked up and saw that there were two girls, I knew them both but only recognized one of them. They are sisters and both inactive members of the church. I had talked to them a lot, and fellowshiped them during the time I was pregnant. The one without the baby opened the door and said "There's Amber", the other girl (I'm trying not to use names, hope you're following me) walked up to me and gave me a hug. We started talking, I couldn't remember her name and I barely recognized her, but she knew so much about me. She told me a tiny bit of her situation and then went on to say that she should have listened to me and should have taken my advise four years ago. (I honestly have no idea what advise I gave her) Anyway it turned into an awesome experience, she and her sister are in two different and two terrible and scary situations, they came to get a blessing from the Bishop. While they were meeting with our Bishop I got to play with the cutest little baby! So fun.

This is a total side note. My friends with babies always tell me how amazed they are that their kids will go to me because they throw fits and start crying for everyone and anyone else besides them. I never believe them, I always feel like they are just saying that to be nice. BUT...I believe it now. This cute 6 month old baby was crying and these girls were passing him around trying to figure out how to calm him down. That was right when I was walking around the corner, I put my things down and said "give me this baby" (haha, I love it!) and basically just took him from the poor girl who was holding him. He got quite immediately and snuggled up to me! Best feeling ever.

Ok back to my story...The girls come out of the Bishop's office with tears in their eyes, we chatted for just a minute cause I needed to get out of there so I could call a friend that was waiting for my call. Get in my car, call Ben, and drive home. I went to Liz's house for a little bit before ward prayer. Went to ward prayer and had an awesome mini lesson from the Bishop and then prayer. The girls came and I chatted for a long time with one of them. It was so nice to talk to this girl because I knew what she needed to hear and I was able to help. She thanked me for a lot of things and started crying, it was so sweet. The Bishop told me later that she had told him that she knew she needed to be at church and her first sign was when she walked in the door I was the first person she saw.

(I'm sure there is a ton more to this story that I'm leaving out, but I'm a little brain dead at the moment.)

It's sad to hear when other people are struggling and having a really hard time coping with life. I feel so blessed and privileged to have these kinds of experiences. You never know who's life you have an impact on and who's watching and listening to you. Hearing about other peoples struggles is a great reminder to count your blessing.

Heavenly Father is defiantly on my side! Today was a good day. It was a little interesting and there was a little more drama than I would have liked but it ended great! I'm ready to take on any challenges that come my way.


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