Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are you kidding me!?!

I kind of hate facebook and GUYS right now. TWO minuets after I change my status on facebook to 'single' I start getting text messages and instant messages from random guys. Dumb A** guys just randomly thinking about me, asking DUMB questions and trying to pretend that they have no idea that I'm suddenly single. UGH. These aren't kind of guys that ask how I'm doing because the genuinely care, these are the kind of guys that see an opportunity to get in, thinking I'm down. Sorry boys its NOT working, find someone else, thanks come again.
Let me just say this again...John was a breath of fresh air! *big sigh*
I'm going to have fun with this single business, and I think the guys are going to hate me! I'm a little excited. I'm tired of going out on pointless dates with boys that I don't ever see myself with (John was not one of those guys), so I've decided to have a checklist of questions to ask BEFORE going out with them. Brilliant! OK but I need help with my questions list. (I'm ridiculous, I know) Basically I don't want to date anyone who is not temple worthy and doesn't have a recommend. This is going to be fun. In the mean time I'm going to continue to do what I do and be happy living my life.
What are your suggestions? I need to have something like this in place otherwise when I get asked out and its someone I don't really want to go out with I'll end up going anyway. Oh, and that's another thing why is it that when you say NO to a guy in their head that means yes!? What the heck? I hate how when I'm flat out honest and even rude sometimes its like a turn on and then they don't give up. Anyway, I'm done venting for the night. Help me weed em out.


Blogger Bekah B. said...

So funny..you are!

Okay my seminary teacher told me once to check these three things.

*Review from their Mission President
*How they treat their Mother
*How they treat you when you are sick, if you aren't sick fake it

Call me so we can chat
Love ya

October 21, 2009 at 10:08 AM  
Blogger Trevor and Brianne said...

This must be why I don't go on facebook much.
I really want to have some one on one time with you.
Let's plan it.
Shopping weekend?
Love and Hugs and thinking of you!

October 25, 2009 at 2:45 PM  

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