Friday, January 30, 2009

Perfect Day

I was in love with every minute of this day! It started with my commute to work, the traffic wasn't bad and I made it to work on time. Today I put a "chunck of change" down to hold my spot in the organization I'm going with to Africa! My boss approved my time off so that I can go to Africa and I feel like its official! Since I was a tiny girl I've wanted to save all the starving children in Africa, its been my dream to serve there since as long as I can remember. I'm finally getting that chance, I was so happy today I seriously almost cried!

The weather was amazing today! On my lunch break I just went for a walk outside, I watched the birds fly by, and listened to the dogs barking and the cars passing. I felt the sunshine on my face! It was a perfect day! Since it was such a gorgeous day I wanted to take advantaged and so I did. I got off work at 2:30 and headed straight to the beach. I called my girlfried Liz and told her to meet me there. I picked up Jamba Juice for the both of us and I sat on a bench and waited for her arrival. When she got there we walked on the beach and explored all the little caves, we climbed rocks and just had fun. We stayed until the sun went down and then on our way back towards the cars we bumped into a kid that we knew from the singles ward. He asked us if we were there with the "group". Anyway, he told us that some kids we knew were setting up rockband (outside on a rocky clif over the ocean!). We headed over there and had the most amazing rockband experience of my life! It was perfect and beautiful. There was a huge crowd of people watching us and strangers were asking if they could play!

After a little rockband on the beach Liz and I went to get some food at Brickhouse Pizza (we didn't even have to leave La Jolla). Dinner was wonderful and completely satisfing! Right after dinner we went hot tubbing with my sisters.

Today was a perfect day!