Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dating Disaster

I'm back into the wonderful world of dating! Instead of writing about all of the dates I've been on and talking about each guy and so forth I really want to share just one date with you for now. Besides going to the fair with Jason and getting incredibly sick together, this was probably the most embarrassing/long/funny date I've had in a while! It all started with a great idea!

Nate knew that I've been wanting to go bike riding for a long time now, so he thought it would be fun to go bike riding on the beach boardwalk on a beautiful afternoon. GREAT IDEA, I was so excited when he asked me to go! Instead of renting bikes, he had borrowed some from a friend of his. They were so cute, the perfect beach cruiser bikes and I even had the option of putting a basket on the front, the only problem was that the bike was WAY too big for me! Oh I'm sorry I'm only 5'1" and have a hard time riding a bike made for a GIANT! First of all can I just tell you that I love mission beach, its so cute and full of young HOT college kids. The bike ride started off really nice we just cruised and talked, but then the boardwalk started getting really crowded. It got to the point were Nate and I had to ride single file. Nate was behind me and another biker was in front of me, to the right of me were bushes and beach houses. Someone behind Nate was ringing their bell at him so he sped up and rode on my left side and to the left of him were a bunch of people. The person in front of me stopped so I had to stop as well. Since I couldn't touch the ground, stopping for me was kind of an ordeal, once I stopped I had to lean one way until my foot could touch the ground. If I leaned to the left I would have fallen on top of Nate so I leaned to the right and FELL in the bushes!!! I got up and laughed at myself, not even realizing that I was hurt. Nate stopped and then made a big ordeal about how I was bleeding everywhere! ...Awkward. The whole thing was pretty funny but I did get pretty scratched up and I think I'm going to have a scar on my leg, but oh well. Leave it to me to fall into bushes on a freakin date! haha....I'm such a klutz.


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