Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holy smokes I've been busy! (really though, who isn't busy this time of year?) I seriously feel like I haven't even had much time to sleep or eat. Well I can say now that I am finally getting into the Christmas spirit. It's about time!! A few weeks ago my sister Kandis, my friend Liz and I went up to the temple to see the lights and listen to the choir. I love the San Diego temple its so beautiful and defiantly one of my favorite temples! The lights were pretty but it was nothing compared to the Salt Lake temple and honestly I was a little disappointed. We also walked around Candy Cane Lane and looked at the lights. Candy Cane lane is famous in Poway (and all of SD) for its lights. The residents usually have little fires in their drive ways with chairs around the fire, there are hot chocolate stands, and Christmas music playing outdoors. Its pretty much the cutest thing ever!

Christmas is going to be crazy this year, EVERYONE is coming home. There will be 18 of us this year, 16 "kids" and my parents of course. I've decided that its way more fun to be the sibling coming home to visit, instead of the sibling living at home that is being visited! My sweet mother has been working her buns off to get everything ready for everyone arrival. We already have sleeping arrangements, meal plans, and chore charts in place. I'm not totally sure of all the activities and things we have going on, but mostly cause it just confuses me. I know what's going on for the first 4 days after that I'm clueless. Santa is coming tomorrow night of course but we won't be having our Christmas until Sunday, when everyone will be here. In the middle of all this craziness, I'm driving all of us Reed kids up to LA for my cousins wedding on Saturday. This will be fun, I just need to keep a good attitude about it.

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Wonderland

The past couple of weeks I've been looking for cheap things to do with the kids that would be fun and help us get into the Christmas spirit. Its so weird to me that its almost Christmas and there are people driving with surfboards on the tops of their cars, we're wearing flip flops, and sunglasses. I remember one year on Christmas morning and it was so HOT! We we're all trying to be cute in our Christmas jammies but had to strip down cause we were sweating! Anyway, I read in the paper a couple of weeks ago that Rancho Bernardo park was hauling in 55 tons of snow! It was a big kid friendly event, Santa was going to be there, they had crafts, but the most exciting thing was REAL SNOW!! Kandis, Evan, Ellen, and I piled into the car and we drove 15 minutes to the snow. Pretty sure it was the saddest "snow" I've ever seen! We played for a little bit but mostly just laughed the whole time!